Business Strategy

If Business Focus is about knowing your business direction, then Business Strategy is about planning the best route to success and getting everyone on the same road. Back in the Boardroom, it is about making sure your team get the mix right. How many of these statements can you agree with?

Organisational Alignment: Our organisation is not aligned around our strategy and most important priorities.

The Management Team: Members of the top management team do not collaborate together to address challenges that cross-functional lines.

Strategic Performance Measurements: We don’t have a good sense of the key measures of our business - and where we stand on them.

Business Processes: We’re not as good as competitors in the key processes of our business – and we don’t have a process for improving them.

Is your Strategic Management recognised as a serious issue or is it just tolerated as one of those problems to be fixed one day. In the meantime senior management get drawn into more and more people or process problems. Those very people and process problems that often manifest themselves when there is not a good strategic management system in the first place.

Are the “best and brightest” stuck in fire fighting mode, while the Strategic needs of the business are let slip? Strategy is about being competitive in the market and ensuring your business is capable of anticipating and meeting threats and opportunities.

If your strategy is out of alignment or out of date, you could be heading out of business. There could be a severe case of burnt food and fingers on the way if people don’t follow the rules of the kitchen.