Business Leadership

Leadership is not a title; it is a role. Many managers operate under the illusion that to be a Leader you just have to be a better manager. If you know what “being a better manager” is then you can become a leader. But the differences are not always that clear.

Here are just a few of the comments we have heard over the years:
  • My communication is not inspiring people to greater performance.
  • I’m not passionate about the company – or my role as its leader.
  • I don’t delegate well and feel that I hold people and the company back.
  • I’m afraid of making mistakes – and I feel that I could be a better risk taker.

One person added to the list: "We need to bring on better leaders. Our strategy change requires different people."

It is good that managers and leaders are willing to look at their own leadership and acknowledge that their leadership could be part of the challenge – and thus be part of the answer to their company’s problems.

There are many different types of leaders for the many different types of roles a business requires. Often the best “leaders” are not even in leadership roles. A large part of the challenge is finding potential leaders and developing their skills for the future. Existing “Leaders” can also be developed to improve their potential.

Leadership Development is not a course or a seminar; it is a journey. You don’t learn to ride a bicycle by reading a book or sitting in a classroom, you learn by doing and you learn from those around you. Leaders need Mentors and those mentors can come from almost anywhere.