Business Culture

What is it like to work in your business? Do your people look forward to coming to work each day? Do they feel that they can express their feelings about their workplace to their colleagues?

The Organisational Climate and Culture is one of those great areas of mystique in business. But it is the secret behind every successful business and is becoming increasingly important as people become more educated and self-confident. If people don’t like the culture, they will leave, or worse still, retire on the job.

How often do you hear these kind of comments?
  • There’s no sense of "team" spirit.
  • People are cynical – and resistant to change.
  • There is a complete inattention to results.
The power of a team spirit is immense. It is often what separates great performing companies from also-rans. You can gather the brightest talent, but if they don’t play as a team, the game is lost. This is especially true in today’s tough economy, where fear is rampant. Having a great, positive team is a huge competitive advantage.

All of the other dimensions addressed earlier, i.e., a clear business direction, a strong strategic management system and good leadership are actually powerful ingredients in fostering that sense of team – and capitalising on it.