Business Focus

Do you have a clear business focus, direction or vision? Do any of these comments from some of our past clients ring a bell for you?
  • We lack a clear and/or smart business strategy and direction.
  • We lack a good plan for creating growth.
  • We have a Mission and Business Strategy, but we’re not achieving it.
Having a Business Focus, a Direction or a Vision is always important. There are many different names for this concept, but in these times of huge change, it is even more critical to business success. Put positively, it gives a business a great opportunity to seize the moment and chart a course that will put it into the industry leader position.

A Shared Business Focus creates a sense of purpose, guides decision-making and helps everyone to focus on what is important in his or her work. It provides a framework for measuring success and without an effective Business Focus, formulating and managing the Business Strategy will always be a hit and miss affair.

Just like the Appetiser in your Menu, the Business Focus sets the tone and the standard against which the rest of the meal will be measures. Get the ingredients wrong and your diners will struggle for the rest of the meal.