What can The McQuaig System do for you?

The McQuaig Psychometric System

Starting with the belief that "you cannot run an above average business with below average people", our primary goal is in helping our clients to find and keep great staff. The McQuaig System is a psychometric assessment tool-kit that helps our clients accomplish their tasks to a higher level of performance and success.

To do this we would typically use a four-stage model.

Benchmark:  Define and Benchmark all roles within the organisation.  The clearer you are about the talent you are looking for, the easier it becomes to find.

Recruit:  We will "Audit" your Recruitment & Selection Processes to identify areas for improvement using the 8 Steps to Effective Selection.  These steps cover:
  1. Defining the role
  2. Attracting the right candidate
  3. Screening Effectively
  4. Testing Candidates
  5. In-depth Interviewing Skills
  6. Verifying your Information
  7. Decide on the Right Candidate
  8. Offer the right Package and Induction Process
Develop:  We will help you to identify the developmental needs of new and existing employees with the aim of maximising their performance and potential.

Retain:  Create a Working Environment that will encourage your best people to stay with you.

This level of support is available to all of our active clients.  Many elements are free of charge, where telephone and internet can support them, while training and consultancy elements are delivered at a discounted fee.  We also offer up to four Bite-Sized Management Sessions each year free of charge from a list of task related topics.