Employee Behavioural Assessment

The McQuaig System™ provides you with behavioural assessments to clearly define jobs, select people who fit into your company's culture and develop them in a way that ensures that they reach their maximum potential.

Our solutions come from our simple, yet powerful, web-based surveys, and the knowledge of how to apply them, giving you the power to make people your competitive edge.

The McQuaig System accomplishes this by:

Define the Job with The McQuaig Job Survey: Achieve consensus on the total requirements of the job. Understand the key behavioural requirements that will determine success.

Assess the Candidate with The McQuaig Word Survey: Identify the candidate's behavioural style, compare it to the job requirements and use this information to focus your interview time.

Measure Ability with The McQuaig Occupational Test: Identify an individual’s ability to make decisions, learn new things and think on their feet.

Identify and Develop your People and your Leaders with The McQuaig Self Development Survey: Understand what motivates your people and provide an environment that enables them to excel and encourages self-development. Our behavioural assessments provide detailed development plans to help employees meet their maximum potential.