Why Choose McQuaig?

The McQuaig System offers a proven, easy-to-use, web-based package of behavioural assessment tools for employment testing, job analysis, and self-development. Assessment reports are clear, concise and offer valuable insights into job and candidate characteristics.

Whether you’re defining job requirements, recruiting, promoting from within, looking for ways to increase retention, reduce turnover or coach your team, The McQuaig System™ can help.

Worldwide, more than 1,200 companies rely on McQuaig’s three-step, customisable system for pre-employment testing, candidate assessment and team building.

If you are looking to define job characteristics, recruit new candidates to fill jobs, seek future leaders within your company, or provide coaching and development feedback to increase employee effectiveness, The McQuaig System is for you!

Apply The McQuaig System to the following processes:
  • Selection
  • Succession Planning
  • Managing and Coaching
  • Personal and Team Development

Let us help you make smarter people decisions.